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The (metaphorical) cherry orchard

May 18, 2009

Look what I found this Saturday at the Santa Monica (Pico and Cloverfield) farmers market.  The stalls were loaded with cherries (I saw Brooks and Tartarian); it was like one giant marble festival.  We just ate them in the car, spitting the pits out of the window on the way home (yeah, yeah; it’s fun).  [...]

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Rhubarb tarts on a doily, or not

April 15, 2009

When you’re testing recipes for a cookbook, you generate a lot of food.  For the last weeks and months, the assembly line of breads and cookies and pies and muffins coming out of my kitchen has been astonishing, like an unlicensed bakery that sporadically opens to manic over-production.  So this past weekend, after I pulled [...]

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Citrus on a drying rack

April 14, 2009

Making marmalade is extremely fun, albeit rather time-consuming.  With blood oranges and Meyer lemons coming to the ends of their respective seasons, Kim and I are making 3 citrus marmalade, with bloods, Meyers and Valencia oranges.  (Because there were Valencias at the farmers market, so that’s what I got.)  Since marmalade is made with the [...]

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Peter Schaner’s Easter eggs

April 11, 2009

Decorating eggs for Easter is a long tradition (pagan origins, Christian symbol of rebirth), which in my house historically involves buying those flimsy egg-dying kits from the grocery store with their haphazard array of paper bits and dye tablets that usually don’t work out right.  We’ve experimented with wax crayons, food coloring, different vinegars, vegetable [...]

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Preserved Meyer lemons

March 31, 2009

I’m in the midst of moving, so the world has been a labyrinth of cardboard this week. Sadly, I discovered that I’d packed my salt before I’d had my last dinner.  And I mean, ALL of my salt: Maldon, sea, kosher, Hawaiian, Morton’s, whatever. I had not, however, packed my jar of preserved Meyer [...]

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My favorite pan

March 27, 2009

I had a wok in college, one of those big ones that sat on a separate base and was impossibly round; it was like trying to stir-fry with a bowl. Okay, maybe I just didn’t get the technique down, but still.  Not fun.  So a few years ago Vicki Fan (of Beacon in Culver City) [...]

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Wilted dandelion green salad

March 25, 2009

My kids think it’s hysterical that people eat dandelion greens.  They don’t really like them, as they find the greens a bit bitter.  But the girls just love it when grown-ups eat them.  You’re eating weeds, points out one or the other.  Yes.  But one person’s weed is another person’s dinner.  And they’re quite pretty, [...]

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Blueberry corncakes

March 25, 2009

Finally, blueberries.  I went to college in Maine, so I was a bit suspect of blueberries after I moved to California.  But then I discovered Santa Barbara berries one spring at the Santa Monica farmers market.   They don’t have the same exact flavor, but they’re equally good.  Corncakes are sturdier than pancakes made with just [...]

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