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Salmon curing in Japan

May 17, 2009

Cool fish, eh?  These are curing salmon, strung from a snowy porch in the coastal town of Murakami, in Niigata Prefecture, Japan.  Click here to find out more about the process: warning, it’s in Japanese.  Here’s how my sister, who has lived in Japan for close to 2o years and who took the pictures, translates:
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More fish poetry

March 23, 2009

Sophie’s second grade is studying the ocean, and to this end they did fish stencils: take a real fish (dead), paint it, and use it as a stencil  Cool, eh?  One does not eat these fish afterwards, but we eat unpainted fish all the time.  A tip: save the tail for use in mermaid drawings.
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The Museum Fish

March 20, 2009

Two suns roll from one end of the post-Soviet sky to the other, down the violent chasms of Chechnya and Chernobyl’s clicking iodine deserts, down Stalin’s rusted locks and levees, the Volga clogged with trash cans and army boots, to the Caspian’s lapping chemical tides.  Illegal dories shuffle along the coastline.  Birds stall [...]

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