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Prince of the apple towns

May 20, 2009

Apple season in Southern California always takes me by surprise.  In boarding school, we’d eat apples not in May but in the fall, from wooden crates that the faculty had set up outside (the school, in Ohio, was also a working farm with an apple orchard) for mid-class snacking, and later in the season we’d [...]

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Grow your own salad

May 15, 2009

This is a box of lettuces, well, two, that took only a few weeks to grow.  They’re set up atop a low table in the backyard, in soil that came from a large compost box about 20 feet away.  The seeds are from a packet (you can see it there on a little stick; how’s [...]

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The plastic bag tree

April 12, 2009

My mother recycled long before it was fashionable: thirty-five years ago, going all green and sustainable was called being practical or, perhaps more accurately, being poor.  She washed out tin cans and glass jars and reused them, patched clothes and redistributed them; she even–to my abject horror–insisted on saving the wrapping paper from Christmasses and [...]

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Preserved Meyer lemons

March 31, 2009

I’m in the midst of moving, so the world has been a labyrinth of cardboard this week. Sadly, I discovered that I’d packed my salt before I’d had my last dinner.  And I mean, ALL of my salt: Maldon, sea, kosher, Hawaiian, Morton’s, whatever. I had not, however, packed my jar of preserved Meyer [...]

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Wilted dandelion green salad

March 25, 2009

My kids think it’s hysterical that people eat dandelion greens.  They don’t really like them, as they find the greens a bit bitter.  But the girls just love it when grown-ups eat them.  You’re eating weeds, points out one or the other.  Yes.  But one person’s weed is another person’s dinner.  And they’re quite pretty, [...]

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