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The Secret Quaker Broadcasting Network

March 21, 2009

operates at 110 watts
of pure silence,
broadcasting nightly
from Midwestern insomnia farms
and rent-controlled quadrants
of antique Philadelphia.
The base-station operators
work all night, bouncing their signals
through police and federal emergency channels,
sending out public service
in paragraphs of absolute quiet.
All over America
the bedside radios emit waves
of soundlessness
to [...]

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The Velocity of Saul

March 6, 2009

The Velocity of Saul at his Conversion
As he gathered speed the landscape.
Moved 5 meters per second due south.
Or maybe the people below changed direction.
Equations of triangles and dialects.
Jet trails loosened his feet and.
Birds caught in his sleeves.
His childhood weighed the most.
Equal to his brother’s fists.
His bed’s narrow [...]

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