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An interview with Intelligentsia’s Doug Zell

June 8, 2009

Intelligentsia Venice opened at noon today.  Shortly before getting on a plane for Columbia, Intelligentsia founder Doug Zell cheerfully answered a few questions.  Thank you, Doug.  Here’s to a safe and highly caffeinated trip!
Me: You’ve remarked that the new store has the potential to tranform LA’s coffee scene.  Can you expand on that rather provacative [...]

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Head cheese alert: le Saint Amour opens in Culver City

June 5, 2009

Does Los Angeles need a new bistro or brasserie?  Mon Dieu, no.  There have been so many of these trendy French eateries opening in the last two years that city planners should issue a moratorium. We have officially reached critical mass for pommes frites.  Such moratorium, however, would have deprived us all of the new [...]

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Long Beach taco pilgrimage

May 18, 2009

My favorite taqueria is in Long Beach, of all places. About 4 blocks north of the water and maybe 2 miles east of downtown Long Beach is Taqueria la Mexicana, a cheery little dive with a sidewalk order window and a little sitting area inside that I always mistake for a laundromat (don’t know why–maybe [...]

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